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Need to find new ways to connect to your customers and increase your revenues and profits? Then you need to know more about Venture Marketing.

This site holds a collection of long-reads, podcasts and video's about Venture Marketing. It has been collected for educational purposes... mainly my own.

I apologize if you were searching the Web for online marketing tools or students to help you do your online marketing. For some reason or other, I still had this domain name lying around and have started to use it as an online repository for me as a lifelong marketing student.

I've been learning about marketing for quite a while and even though marketing can been learned in a day, it takes a lifetime to master (paraphrasing Philip Kotler, the #1 marketing - education - professor). So, it looks as if I'm not finished yet!

quote Kotler 2003

I hope this collection becomes more than a basic Marketing 101 course, I've taught and written about that topic already:

Marketing Edubook - Edumundo.

Having said that: a lot of the marketing we teach at (high) schools and universities seems to focus on the large companies like Coca-Cola, Apple or Tesla. But what about the rest of the businesses out there? What if you can't spend millions of euro's, dollars or whatever currency you might have? Is marketing also doable for smaller companies? With this site I aim to find out more about the marketing that is related to startups and SMEs.

DISCLAIMER: for now, all topics on this site are free to read, listen to or watch. I am linking to other peoples work too.

I don't think I have any analytics stuff switched on... at least I don't use analytics because I don't care to know if you are looking over my shoulder whilst I'm collecting/ creating this content. Maybe, in a nearby future I will make a real (online) course or write a book using the things I find.

But if you do plan to use stuff from this site: please refer to the site OK?

Source quote Kotler:

Kotler, P. (2003). Marketing insights from A to Z: 80 concepts every manager needs to know. John Wiley & Sons.


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What is venture marketing?

Venture Marketing is a sub-discipline of marketing that focuses on SMEs and startups.

In the biography on Starbucks (yes, they used to be an SME too… once upon a time) the owner/ former CEO Howard Schultz wrote the following:

“If you look for the wisdom on marketing, most of what you’ll find is based on the Proctor & Gamble model. That is, you go after mass markets with mass distribution and mass advertising, and then focus on grabbing market share from your competitors. At Starbucks we have a different approach. We’re creating something new. We’re expanding and defining the market. We didn’t set out to steal customers (…) We didn’t go for the widest possible distribution...

We set out, rather, to educate our customers about the romance of coffee drinking.”

(Schultz, 2012: 246)

Taking this as a starting point we are looking for ways to educate customers

Source Starbucks' marketing approach:

Schultz, H. (2012). Pour your heart into it: How Starbucks built a company one cup at a time. Hachette UK.

Another inspiration

Another source of inspiration for thinking about marketing for me came from this video:

Sergio Zyman makes it so clear here that marketing is more than advertising only.

And so combining Howard Schultz' idea of one cup at a time with Sergio Zyman's talk in this video, we get the following definition:

Venture Marketing is all about selling one more product (or service), to one more customer, once more, for one more euro (or other currency) and at the same time being efficient with one more unit to create more one more euro of profit.

or to keep it simple:

Venture Marketing is all about selling more products or services, to more customers, more often, for more money, and at the same time being more efficient to create more profit.

or maybe even more simple:

Venture Marketing is about ways to create more profit.

Nâh… let's keep it at

Venture Marketing is all about selling

more products or services,

to more customers,

more often,

for more money,

and at the same time being more efficient

to create more profit.



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